Employee Resources

Logged hours

Use the University Center Time and Attendance System to check your time clock information. Note: The online time clock may not list the correct hours for the last day worked. Please contact your supervisor with questions regarding your hours.


Check the payroll schedule for hourly and salaried employees. Photo ID is required to pick up paychecks or stubs. To have checks/EFT stubs mailed to you, drop off a self-addressed envelope at the Info Counter or call the UC Business Office at (707) 826-4160. To have another person pick up your check they will need written authorization on file with the Info Counter and provide a picture I.D.

Informational Flyer

Direct deposit

If you want your paycheck directly deposited into your bank account, please fill out the form at humboldt.edu/uc/forms.html and submit it to the UC Business Office.