Paying for Food

Food is purchased two ways: J “points,” and a debit-card like system called the C-card. Both are loaded onto your HSU ID card and offer discounts at all Dining locations. Points are deducted from your account after each transaction. 

For more information see our sample menus and cost comparison

For details on fees, cost deals, rules, and dates of service:

Terms & Conditions 

Check Your Balance



J Points

Available through meal plans and are used to purchase food only. J points will be added to your HSU ID once you buy a meal plan in the fall, and can be rolled over to the spring semester of the academic year.


67 percent discount off the full regular price of food at the J, and a 25 percent discount at all other dining locations.

Participating locations

Points may be redeemed at all campus dining locations.

Adding Points

Points can be added to most meal plans. They cost one cent each and can be bought anytime during the academic year. To add points, call (707) 826-5510, visit the Housing Cashier between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m., or go to My J Points Account.

Budgeting Tips

Ways to make sure you have enough points to last you through finals week.

  • Use most of your points at the J.

  • Limit the number of higher priced entrées.

  • Opt for fountain drinks and cafeteria prepared items rather than prepackaged foods and bottled drinks.

  • Stay on track using the Meal Plan Fall Budgeting Chart. It’s a great way to estimate the number of points you should use each week. Spring Budgeting Chart
  • Director of Dining Services Ron Rudebock can also help you budget and plan the most economical way to use your points. Ron can be reached at (707) 826-3451 or via email at


The scholastic life can get hectic. Between classes, meetings, study sessions, and trips to the library, you have to somehow find time to eat, run errands and attend to life's necessities. We offer the Convenience Card (C-card) to make life a little easier.

  • Available to students, faculty, and staff.
  • Buy at any time without a meal plan.
  • Never expires.
  • 5 percent discount at all dining locations.
  • Buy food, textbooks, clothing, event tickets, supplies, on campus vending and laundry and more without having to carry cash.
  • Any remaining balance at the end of each semester automatically rolls over to the following semester.
  • No fees to activate, use or add value to the C-card. Fee applies for inactive accounts, see terms and conditions for more information.
Participating Locations

Your card is valid at the following locations, and during summer and winter breaks.

  • HSU Bookstore
  • Most campus vending machines
  • Printing at campus computer labs
  • Residence Hall’s laundry washer and dryers
  • Philly Cheese Steak Shoppe 1811 G. St.
Get Started

To activate your HSU ID card and add money, go to any Dining cashier (except those at the J) or the kiosk outside the Associated Students Office in the South Lounge. You can also mail your payment to:
UCBO Cashier
1 Harpst Street
Arcata, CA 95521

or call 826-5983 or 826-5510, or go to the C-card website.
Adding Money

Go to your C-Card account online or visit these locations on campus:

  • Self-Service Kiosks: Depot; UC South Lounge outside the AS offices; College Creek Commons; JGC (1st floor, and 3rd floor by the entrance)
  • In person: Any Dining location cashier except the J and the JGC Housing & Dining Cashier
  • Online: Login with your HSU username and password. Fee applies.
Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Card?

For information about what to do if your HSU ID card is damaged or lost, go here.