How it Works

Like the food we serve, HSU meal plans offer many options—each designed to suit your eating habits and budget. The plan you choose generally depends on where you live and how much food you think you’ll need. To the right, you will find two guides that will help you find a plan that works for you.

Paying for Food

Food is purchased two ways: J “points,” and a debit-card like system called the C-card. Both offer discounts at all Dining locations. For more information see our sample menus and cost comparison. Points and money are loaded onto your HSU ID card and electronically deducted from your account after each transaction.
*To use either system, you must have an HSU ID.

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Resident Plans

Four options are available for our residents. Meal plans may be mandatory depending on the Residence Hall.

Non-Resident Plans

The Lumberjack plan is available to students, faculty & staff. Non-Resident (NR) plans are similar to the Resident plans and are only available to students.