Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Meal Card

Your HSU ID card is your meal card. Your HSU ID number is the nine-digit number generated by HSU to identify students, staff and faculty. If you don't know your number, contact the AIR Center at (707) 826-4101. It is also available on our Web Information System under Personal Information.

This card must be presented to the cashier when purchasing dining items. J Points and C-Card value are electronically deducted from your account as items are purchased.

Card Not Working

The most common reason for a card to stop working is failure of the magnetic strip on the back of your card. However, the message displayed at the register may indicate why your card is not working.

These are the messages that the registers will display:

  • LOW BALANCE: You do not have enough funds available.

  • PATRON NOT FOUND: An account does not exist in the point system that matches your ID number. Please see the Housing and Dining Cashier.

  • BAD ISSUE or INVALID CARD NUMBER: The number encoded on your ID doesn't fully match your account information in the J Point system. Please see the Dining Services Cashier for assistance.

  • CARD LOST: This card has been reported lost to the J Point system. Please see the Dining Services Cashier for assistance.

  • ON HOLD FOR VEND: This message is displayed when a sale at a vending machine did not complete correctly. This status should clear itself within 10 minutes.

Lost Your Card

If you lose your HSU student ID card it is important to report the loss as soon as possible so that no one can use your card for fraudulent purchases if found.

Report your lost card by deactivating your J Points and C-Card Accounts online, and then contact the Dining Services Cashier's Office at (707) 826-5510.

Get a Temporary Meal Voucher at the Dining Services Cashier or a J cashier. Meal vouchers can only be used at the J for the time allotted on the meal voucher. Generally the temporary meal voucher is good for 24 hours or up to 72 hours on weekends.

If you haven't found your HSU ID card then you will need to purchase a replacement card before you can access your J points account.

Get a Replacement Card

  • Make a $5 payment at the HSU Cashier's Office or the Dining Services Cashier.

  • Take your receipt to the ID Office in the Library to have a new card made. Your new card will work for the meal plans but if you live on campus you will need to have your new card encoded at the Housing front desk to work as your room key. Your old student ID will no longer work.

If you find your ID card, reactivate it at the Dining Services Cashier's Office.